Quick Sealcoating for Residence

We had a longtime client call in looking for sealcoating in Yorkville, IL.  The owner of the house had used Pave Seal and Stripe for the initial new driveway paving a few years earlier. We spoke with the homeowner about the condition of the asphalt. He explained to us that it had held up really well over the years. He said that he was beginning to notice the faded color of the asphalt.  Luckily, he said that he wasn’t aware of any large cracks or potholes.

We visited the property the following day for a quick inspection before starting the project. We noticed that that the homeowner’s evaluation of his asphalt driveway was spot on. There was no severe or alligator cracking. There were also no potholes or problem areas. He told us that he made sure to keep his asphalt swept and well kept. We informed him that we could perform a quick sealcoating job on the asphalt driveway. This would reestablish the aesthetic of the driveway, as well as provide continued protection against foreign substances.

After applying sealant to the entire parking lot, it looked nearly brand new. We told him that he would need to give the sealant time to dry, before using the driveway. He was very pleased with the craftsmanship of our work. He was also happy to know that we were able to perform the job for a fair price.  Our client told us that he was glad to have given us a call and that he would be coming back to the top paving contractor in Yorkville. We finished the job with a handshake and headed back to the shop.