New Lot for A Happy Client

Recently, we completed parking lot paving of one of our clients doing some parking lot paving in Naperville. Our client was referred to us by one of our initial customer who was satisfied with the kind of paving we previously did. The main job we did was paving the parking lot. Our team not only completed the job in the professional way, but also did it within the shortest time possible.

The first thing we did to our customer’s property (to ensure that he was ready to meet all the required aspects) was to evaluate the space and provide an estimate. We asked about his preferred design, then came up with an estimate to ensure that all the materials required were there. All our estimates were almost accurate and our client was very happy because there he was ready to pay for everything before we started the work. It is always a great skill for us to make a proposal that works well with the client’s budget.

The New Asphalt Paving Job Began

Leveling the surface was the next thing we did was to ensure that every part of the parking lot was flat and free from foreign materials such as tree trunks, rocks and other materials. This is to ensure that a flat foundation is achieved before pouring the asphalt mixture. When we did this, we were keen enough to ensure that the final slope is the same as that of the surrounding landscape.

This was a finished naperville paving contractor job - Pave Seal and Stripe

The next step we did while paving the parking lot for our client was to create the asphalt mixture. We came up with the right mixture of sand gravel and cement. While doing the mixing, we considered the exact specifications of the customer and came up with the best mixture. After forming enough mixture, we then poured on the leveled surface. We poured asphalt to all parts that had been leveled to form the first layer.

Compacting is a crucial step that every asphalt company should consider when doing parking lot paving. So, we took some time to do the compacting of the asphalt that had been poured on the leveled surface. We used a vibrator to get rid of all the air traps within the asphalt materials. This is to ensure that there are no weak spots that can lead to potholes especially when under varying loads. We ensured that all the parts are properly leveled.

In the last step we arranged all the paving evenly for the customer. After that, we applied a sealing agent to keep them in place and to ensure that there is sufficient strength. Finally, after allowing it to cure for some time, we did the line stripping for all the drivers who wants to park their vehicles. We recommended to the customer to not have any heavy traffic on the new parking lot for a few weeks, which was great timing for our client.

Those are the basic steps we used to satisfy the needs of our customer and he was very happy with the way we did our work. We did it on time and within the budget!