Driveway Repair New Minooka Resident

Pave Seal and Stripe is proud to be a top of the line paving contractor in Minooka, Illinois. We have continuously delivered residential paving services to Minooka and its residents for many years. Whether you are in need of a new asphalt driveway or crack sealing, we are the asphalt company that you can trust. Make sure to contact us today for a free estimate!

Our team received an online estimate request from a new resident. The client was looking for driveway repair. They explained that they had recently moved to Minooka, and were performing some final repairs on their new home. Their asphalt driveway had a number of large cracks. The cracks had not developed into potholes yet. The client wanted to resolve the issue before it became worse. We assured them that we could get the job done, and get it done right.

We visited the client’s residence a few days later to examine the condition of their driveway. While the driveway did have cracks, it was in relatively good shape. We told the client that we could fix their driveway with some simple crack sealing. This would help to restore much of the strength to the asphalt surface. This would also help to reduce the chance of pothole development. The job would only take a couple hours but would have a substantial impact.

Our crew completed the job in a matter of hours. With the cracks sealed, the asphalt surface was much more likely to last. Afterward, we spoke to the client about proper asphalt driveway maintenance techniques. We suggested a number of ways to reduce stress on the asphalt. They were very happy with the work and thanked us for our time. We were happy to have helped another client with their Minooka residential asphalt needs.