Driveway Repair for New Client

Our team recently received a call for home asphalt repairs in Plano, IL.  The new client had been a resident in her house for more than 15 years.  She explained to us that her asphalt driveway had begun to develop severe cracking.  She didn’t want the asphalt condition to damage her car.  She told us that it had been a number of years since she had any asphalt maintenance or repairs.  After gathering more information from the client, we agreed to meet at her residence the following week to provide an estimate. From the information we received, we estimated that we could finish the project in a single day.

We arrived at the client’s home the following week, early in the morning.  After taking a good look at the property, we were able to locate the problem areas. We developed a quality asphalt repair and maintenance plan for the client. We spoke with the client, who happily agreed to the cost and schedule of the job.  We were set to begin later that week.

After returning to the client’s home, we were happy to have scheduled the project early. The cracking had continued to worsen.  We quickly got to work, crack sealing her entire driveway.  Crack sealing is a very important asphalt repair technique. It allows for a quick repair on a problem, that otherwise, could become much worse.  After crack sealing the lot, we patched a few very small holes.  Finally, we decided that the client’s driveway was in need of sealcoating. Sealcoating is one of the most effective asphalt maintenance techniques. It does an excellent job protecting the asphalt from invasive liquids and objects.  By the time we finished the job, the client was very happy. She told us how glad she was to have chosen a top paving contractor in Plano. We thanked her for using our services and told her to call us for any future asphalt needs.