Pave Seal and Stripe 1-800-ASPHALT offers crack filling. Crack filling is the application of a flexible hot polymeric compound designed to fill in ¼” cracks or larger and prevent water from penetrating to the gravel base. The material is heated to 350° F. It is applied either with a wand from the machine or from pour pots specifically designed for this material. We overlap the crack to ensure a watertight seal.
Before applying the cracks are cleaned to dirt, debris and vegetation. One way to clean the cracks is to blow it out with compressed air. A better way is to use a wire wheel and compressed air. The best way to clean the cracks of debris is by first using a router then blowing the cracks out with compressed air. If moisture is present a heat lance can be used to dry them. If alligatored areas are present, this is a sign that the gravel base has failed and crack filling will not be effective. We fill cracks to prevent water from getting into the gravel base/sub state through cracks formed in the asphalt. Over time, if water is getting to the base it causes alligatored areas and pot holes.

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