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Plainfield, Illinois

Plainfield is a village that is located in the U.S. state of Illinois. The village consists of land from the Plainfield Township and the Wheatland Township. It is located in Will County, Illinois and partially in Kendall County, Illinois. Plainfield has seen substantial population growth alongside the growth of the Chicago Metropolitan Area. It has an estimated population of approximately 43,000 residents. Some of Plainfield’s neighboring cities are Joliet, Illinois and Naperville, Illinois.

The history of Plainfield dates back to the days of European influence in the Fur Trade. The first Europeans in the area were of French influence. James Walker was one of the earliest settlers in Plainfield, and it was originally called Walkers’ Grove. The name changed to Plainfield, Illinois officially in 1841. Walkers Grove grew quickly due to its proximity to the DuPage River and a number of routes that were established to and from Chicago.

Plainfield is an area with immense natural beauty and outdoor activities. The village developed a specified Community Preservation Commission to help preserve historical locations and nature-based locations. One of the most popular locations is the Lake Renwick Preserve. It is a forest preserve in the area that is widely known for its use in birdwatching, as well as other outdoor activities.

Another important location in the area is Settler’s Park. The park contains a lake, war monument, picnic areas, camping space, and more for outdoor activities. The area is also popular during the summer as it hosts a number of concerts and events for residents and visitors of Plainfield to enjoy.

At Pave Seal and Stripe, we are proud of our continued dedication to delivering the best asphalt paving services to Plainfield, Illinois. Contact us today if you are looking for a paving contractor you can trust!

Learn About a Recent Plainfield Project!

Plainfield Driveway Paving Project

At Pave Seal and Stripe, we are dedicated to being a premier paving contractor in Plainfield, Illinois. We have consistently delivered the top of the line customer experience and diligence in each and every project. Whether you are looking for a new asphalt driveway or driveway repair, we are the asphalt company you can trust. Give us a call today with any of your residential paving service needs.

Our crew received an online request recently from a local Plainfield resident looking for driveway paving.  We reached out to the client in order to get a better idea of the services they needed. After speaking with the client, we were able to determine that they were in need of an asphalt overlay. Their driveway was beginning to crack throughout. The asphalt surface was also fading, and losing much of its aesthetic appeal.

We visited the property the next week in order to provide an accurate estimate. We evaluated the asphalt surface to determine its overall status. After thoroughly examining the condition of the asphalt, we decide that an overlay was the best option.

In order to perform the asphalt overlay, we swept the asphalt surface to clean off any external debris. Next, we applied the layer of bitumen to the existing asphalt driveway surface. This is extremely helpful in restrengthening the surface, as well as restoring the overall look and feel of the asphalt. By the time we had completed the driveway paving overlay, the driveway looked brand new. We finished the project by sealcoating the asphalt in order to provide an added layer of protection for the asphalt.

The clients were very pleased with the work that we had completed. We were able to finish the project in the same amount of time that we had originally estimated. We were happy to have completed another residential paving project, knowing we worked for a top asphalt company in Plainfield.