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Millbrook, Illinois

Millbrook is small village located in the U.S. state of Illinois. The village of Millbrook is a part of Kendall County Illinois.  It is considered to be apart of the Chicago Metropolitan area. The city was originally incorporated in November 2002 when it had a total population of only 287 residents. Its current population is estimated to be approximately 345 residents. The Village of Millbrook is located on the banks of the Fox River and is located approximately 60 miles to the southwest of Chicago.

One of the most popular attractions in Millbrook is the Winding Creek Nursery.  The Winding Creek Nursery is a massive gardening center located in Millbrook and has been open for business since 1957. This garden center is home to massive amounts of plants, flowers, and more.

Another popular attraction in Millbrook is the Yogi Bear Campground. The Yogi Bear Campground is a very popular spot for both residents of Millbrook and visitors of the area. It provides a beautifully scenic location for camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities. It is in a location that has countless scenic areas and serene views for everyone to enjoy.

The Fox River is another location that many people enjoy in the area.  After a quick nature hike, visitors are able to visit the Shuh Shuh Gah Canoe Launch and enjoy a nice float down the river.  This provides stunning views of the natural beauty that is Illinois.

At Pave Seal and Stripe, we have been happily providing asphalt paving services for Millbrook and it’s residents for many years. Give us a call today with your asphalt needs!

Learn About a Recent Millbrook Project!

Millbrook Driveway Repair for New Homeowners

Pave Seal and Stripe has been a proud provider of expert asphalt driveway services in Millbrook for many years. Our team of asphalt professionals takes pride in its dedication to excellent customer service. If you need asphalt repair or maintenance, give us a call today!

We recently received a quote request from a local couple. The couple was inquiring about driveway repair in Millbrook. The house they moved into was in need of asphalt repair. Their new house was exactly what they were looking for, but the driveway needed repairs. We assured them that we offered the top of the line residential asphalt services. We gathered the necessary information and scheduled to visit their residence.

We arrived at their home the following Monday. We were greeted by the happy new Millbrook residents. We were quickly able to see that their asphalt driveway needed attention. We noticed some severe cracking and a few small potholes. We determined that a quick pavement overlay would be the most effective asphalt repair. After providing the clients with a schedule and price, they were very happy with the estimate. We were set to begin later in the week.

Our crew arrived back at the home in order begin the residential asphalt repairs. The pavement overlay was a quick job that required the application of bituminous paving on top of the existing asphalt surface. By applying the new bitumen, we were able to revitalize the current asphalt surface. It gave it a fresh new look and restored much of the structural integrity to the original asphalt.

At the conclusion of the residential driveway repairs in Millbrook, Illinois, the clients were very satisfied with their driveway. It helped their new home have a safe and aesthetic driveway for their vehicles. The couple was happy they had chosen the top paving contractor in Illinois.