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Lisbon, Illinois

Lisbon is a village located in Illinois. It sits in Kenday County and is one of the smallest within the county, With a population of only about 400 people, and an area of about 5.9 square miles, there are only about 68 people per square mile. The growth occurring in Lisbon began as early as 1836. Located in the middle of a highway connecting Joliet to Chicago road was a log tavern, whose hospitality became famous to weary travelers. As more and more people began to utilize the highway and tavern, more buildings were erected. With the addition of a schoolhouse, business, and post office, Lisbon was formed. It became a part of Kendall County five years later in 1841.

The city name was originally stated by John Moore. He was credited with naming the township Lisbon, as he wanted something different and unique. Lisbon is also a city in Portugal, with a rich history. It was a fitting name as in a historic edition of the Kendall County News from 1896, Joseph R. Adams stated that although they were ten miles from a railroad, the villagers appeared to be living better and happier.

There are a few notable people who were from Lisbon, Illinois. The first was Washington Bushnell who was a politician in the states of Illinois. While he was born in New York, he was raised in Lisbon. Bushnell was a Republican who served in the Illinois State Senate from 1860 to 1864. He also served as the Illinois Attorney General from 1869 to 1873. John Dwyer, a baseball player for the Cleveland Blues was born in Lisbon. He is known for only playing one game for the Cleveland Blues on May 16th, 1882.

Read About a Recent Lisbon Asphalt Driveway Job!

Overlay Project in Lisbon

Our team, at Pave Seal and Stripe, received an estimate request for an asphalt driveway in Lisbon.  An online quote request came in late on a Monday, for a residence in nearby Lisbon. We contacted the homeowner and spoke to them about their needs for the project. They explained to us that they had purchased a home recently, and the driveway was in poor shape. They told us that there was a number of large cracks in the asphalt. The asphalt was also fading in color, giving it the look of deterioration. We told the client we would be happy to come check out the driveway, and provide them with an estimate.

We met at the residence a few days later to evaluate the asphalt driveway. We decided that an overlay was the best course of action. A pavement overlay consists of applying bituminous paving to an already paved surface. This increases the structural integrity of the asphalt. It also provides a fresh look, smooth feel, and safer use.  While it is not a difficult process, it requires a few days of solid work.  We decided to begin the project the following Monday.

After arriving back at the property, we quickly got to work that Monday morning. The pavement overlay was extremely effective in revitalizing the driveway.  After we completed the overlay, we began sealcoating the asphalt. This provides an added layer of protection to the asphalt. It also helps to improve the longevity of the asphalt surface. Within a few days, the asphalt paving was completed and the residential driveway looked brand new. Our client was extremely happy with the overall cost, schedule, and product involved.

At Pave Seal and Stripe, customer satisfaction and craftsmanship are two highly important company pillars. If you are looking for any asphalt paving services in Lisbon, give us a call today!