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Pave Seal and Stripe prides itself on its continued dedication to providing asphalt paving services in Plattville, Illinois. Our asphalt company has consistently made customer service a top priority. This has helped us to establish ourselves as a leading paving contractor in Illinois, and a trusted residential asphalt services company. Whether you are looking for a new asphalt driveway, asphalt maintenance, or something else, Pave Seal and Stripe is the company for you. Give us a call today!

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Plattville, Illinois

Plattville is a village that is located in the U.S. state of Illinois.  It is a part of the Lisbon Township and is located directly in Kendall County. The village of Plattville was originally founded in 1860. Plattville was named in honor of its founder, Daniel Platt, who was the first person to build a home in the area. He was a settler who was traveling along the Frink and Walker Stagecoach route that stretched between the current cities of Ottawa and Chicago.

The village of Plattville wasn’t officially incorporated until March 2006. It is a relatively small village in the Chicago Metropolitan area.  In 2016, Plattville had an estimated population of only 260 residents. Plattville is surrounded on all sides by other cities that are apart of the Chicago metro area. Yorkville, Joliet, and Lisbon all share borders with Plattville.

Plattville is known for its first official mayor, George Friel. Friel was a crucial component in the incorporation of Plattville. In the 2006 Friel was forced to use some of his own money in order to finance the filing of Plattville’s incorporation papers.

The village is known for being a very friendly hometown. There are a number of libraries, museums, parks, and trails in the area for residents to enjoy. Some of the most popular attractions are the Fox Ridge Nature Trail, Prairie View Equestrian Trail, Baker County and Houses Grove Forest Preserves, and the Little White School Museum.

Pave Seal and Stripe is proud to continuously provide expert asphalt paving services to Plattville and its residents. If you are looking for a trusted paving contractor in Plattville, Illinois, give us a call today!

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Plattville Paving Project

At Pave Seal and Stripe, our team has proudly served as a top paving contractor in Plattville, Illinois for many years. We have dedicated ourselves to delivering the best customer experience possible. From initial contact to estimates, to service and your final product, Pave Seal and Stripe is the asphalt company you can depend on. Contact us today for your residential asphalt needs!

We received an online quote request recently for driveway paving in Plattville. The client who contacted us was looking for a new driveway estimate.  They explained to us that their current asphalt surface was in bad shape. We informed them that we would be happy to provide them with their residential paving services. Our crew has seen driveways in every sort of condition. We scheduled the client for an estimate later that week.

Our asphalt professional arrived at the client’s residence as scheduled. After a thorough evaluation of the asphalt driveway, we provided the client with a detailed quote for their driveway paving job. We were able to deliver an estimate with the associated pricing and timing. Our client reviewed the quote and was very pleased with the content. We agreed to begin work on their new asphalt driveway the following week.

We began work on their asphalt driveway promptly the following week. We wanted to allow the client access to their driveway as quickly as possible. We also wanted to deliver the most effective final product that would last. Our team worked diligently on the new asphalt driveway until we completed it a few days later. The client was very happy with the work that was done, as well as the costs associated with the project. At the end of the project, we gave the client tips for proper residential asphalt maintenance including sweeping, sealcoating, and more.