Asphalt Repair

If you ask any one of our friendly staff or crew members, they will tell you all about the importance of performing regular maintenance on asphalt. However, we do understand that due to time demands and hectic schedules, it can be an easy thing to ignore. We offer complete asphalt repair services that can bring any asphalt paving back to life and looking like-new. If your parking lot is looking like it has seen better days, we are the company to call. Extensive damage can actually require a lot less resources than one might imagine. So, if your paving is in disrepair, be sure to contact us so that we can provide you with an estimate.
When to choose Asphalt Repairs

Cracks can form naturally over time in asphalt. If they are not filled and sealed properly when they first appear, moisture will enter through the cracks. Once the moisture is held within the asphalt itself, it can really start to accelerate the rate of deterioration. This is especially true in our climate, where you can see temperatures ranging from freezing to balmy in a single day during the fall and spring. When water inside the asphalt is allowed to freeze and expand, the cracks will only get worse. Add in a little bit of daily traffic or some heavy loading, and you’ll have a pothole in no time.
Our Asphalt Contractor Repair Service

Once this process has occurred over several months or years, you’ll probably see a need for crack filling and parking lot patching. The process of asphalt patching is a bit more involved than parking lot crack sealing, but is of course far less costly than a complete excavation and replacement job. Essentially what we will most likely do is to cut out and replace a small portion of the paved area. Once this is complete, we definitely recommend filling and sealing any remaining cracks in the area. Finally, the application of a sealcoat layer will keep your asphalt paving protected and provide some lasting durability.
If you are in need of our asphalt repair services, be sure to give us a call. We’ll come out to your property to evaluate the extent of the damage and provide a no-cost estimate. We’re here to help!