Asphalt Milling and Grinding

Pave Seal and Stripe, 1800 ASPHALT offers asphalt milling/grinding, pulverization and full depth reclamation. When it comes to recycling, 80% of all asphalt is recycled making it the most recycled product in the country. The material is reused as gravel or reclaimed and made into new asphalt.

Cold milling, also known as grinding, is the removal of asphalt to a specific depth with machines designed for this purpose and to reestablish a correct grade. Call today for a free estimate. We are ready to provide the type of job satisfaction that will keep you coming back for years to come. We are here for you before, during, & after the sale.


  • Milled asphalt material can be reused as gravel or taken to an asphalt plant where it is used to make new asphalt
  • The milled surface of existing asphalt bonds better to new asphalt compared to an overlay
  • Milling reestablishes correct water flow for drainage
  • By milling a tapered edge next to a concrete curb and gutter, the effectiveness of the drainage system is increased compared to just an overlay which would interrupt the water flow
  • Milling reestablishes the curb hidden by several previous overlays
  • Spraying a small amount of water to the teeth of the milling drums virtually eliminates dust
  • Milling brings asphalt back to an even surface
  • The machine breaks up the asphalt and loads the broken material onto a conveyor which sends it on to a truck in one step. The milled surface can then be opened to traffic, increasing convenience
  • Because the process of milling is so efficient, it cost less money, especially for larger projects