Asphalt Maintenance

When we install a new asphalt surface or complete a parking lot paving project, we always have durability and longevity in mind. As much as we would like our paving work to last forever, there are so many things out there that can cause damage (over time) to a paved area. Chemicals and oils from vehicles, day-to-day or heavy traffic, weather conditions, and construction can all contribute to the eventual deterioration of an asphalt surface. With proper maintenance, however, the life of a parking lot can be nearly doubled. Just like anything you own, caring properly for your parking lot paving can make a world of difference in how long it lasts and how well it performs.

When to Seek Asphalt Maintenance

Typically, a parking lot should receive some maintenance work at least every other year, although this might not be the case with brand new asphalt. Of course, amount of use and general surrounding conditions will affect the rate of damage. For example, the exposed top floor of a parking ramp will probably need more attention than the middle floors. Conversely, the ground floor will also probably require more attention simply because it receives the most traffic!
When small cracks and visible oil stains remain on as asphalt surface, it may be time to seek out a qualified asphalt contractor for some maintenance work. At this level of damage, the benefits of having maintenance work performed are clear. Our paving contractor team will arrive at the site, clear it of debris and dust, and perform parking lot crack filling and, most likely, sealcoating. The crack filling will prevent further cracking and underlying damage caused by the entry and expansion of moisture. The sealcoat later will also limit the porousness of the asphalt and protect it from further damage.
With our asphalt maintenance services, you can rest assured that your parking lot will last as long as it should (and probably longer). If you are interested in setting up a routine maintenance schedule with us, please call today. We are also happy to provide more information, and we offer free estimates on parking lot maintenance and repair projects.