Asphalt Driveway Paving for Beautiful Home

Our team received a request for a new asphalt driveway in Sandwich, IL.  It was a new client who we had not previously worked with before. After discussing many details with her, we were confident in our ability to complete the job. At Pave Seal and Stripe, customer satisfaction is very important. We consistently provide our customer’s with the best available services.  The homeowner had been in contact with a number of paving contractors in the area. However, she was unsatisfied with the estimates and quotes she had received. We assured her that she had contacted the right asphalt company for the job.

We agreed to visit the residence the following day, in order to determine the entire scope of the project. When we arrived, we were able to see that her asphalt was in very bad shape. We determined that it would be best to repave her driveway. This would allow us to provide a study, aesthetic surface in front of her home.  We would need to perform a remove and replace. This consisted of removing asphalt and other materials. This is followed by the installation of a new base and layer of asphalt. By the time we had completed the remove and replace reconstruction, the driveway had a completely new feel to it.

We finalized the project with a layer of sealant.  We always recommend sealcoating asphalt surfaces. This helps to reduce the number of foreign materials entering the asphalt layer. Sealcoating is one of the most important forms of asphalt maintenance.

After we had completed the project, we spoke with the client. She was ecstatic with the look and feel of her new driveway. We gave her some helpful tips to help with future asphalt maintenance. We told her to give us a call if she had any questions or future asphalt paving needs. Our team was very happy with the final product we provided to our client.