Urgent Parking Lot Repair

As a dedicated company doing parking lot paving in Aurora, we completed several projects for our customers and they were very happy with our services. We did them as per the specifications of the customers and all of them were giving positive reviews concerning the kind of services they enjoyed. Most of the work we did was in commercial parking lot maintenance. This was important not only for the safety of their properties but also to ensure that there is a longer lifespan. Our team is experienced and professional is asphalt maintenance. Below are some of the maintenance processes we did to one of our clients in Aurora:

Some of Our Recent Parking Lot Paving Jobs

Our client had a cracked wall on his property and it was important to seal it before it could propagate further. Immediately the owner of the property reported the problem to us, we investigated where all the cracks were there within the property and sealed them. We applied a sealing agent to the cracks and they were completely sealed. This ensures that there is no further elongation of the crack and a proper seal was achieved.

Another parking lot repair in Aurora complete!

In the process of inspecting the parking space of our client, we found out that there were some spots prone to damage. Besides, there were some places that had been partially damaged by stormwater. We applied sealant on every surface so as to prevent them from being in contact with the damaging agents. This is important as it prevents further damages and keeps away them from being in contact with such surfaces. Our client was very happy after the coating as he as sure that the storm water could not damage any longer his property.

As we were moving around the compound of the client, we found a pothole and some weak spots.  We explained to them how such holes can damage the whole compound. He was surprised because he had ignored them. We started by extracting all the damaged asphalts, leveled the portion, filled with a new mixture of asphalt and then leveled it properly before paving to its original state. The owner of the property was impressed because we regained the original state of the building. This is another method we used to maintain the property of our client in Aurora. We applied this to some spots where the property had been damaged and parts of the foundation had been affected. We renovated the foundation to the original states then applied a mixture of asphalt to replace the removed ones.

Those are some of the methods we used as a professional asphalt contractor in Aurora. Our client was happy and he was able to get his goals at affordable rates. When he appreciated about our work is that it was done in a professional manner and he paid the cheapest amount he could imagine. Therefore, use our services and be assured of saving cost without compromising quality. That is something we love to give to our customers, and we’re very satisfied later to receive positive feedback from the client.